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Importance of a website

Posted 30/10/2014 - Infographics
Did you know only 50% of kiwi SMEs have a website? Knowing that people spend 4.4h a day on the internet and that 81% of them are first searching for... Read
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Phone facts #4

Posted 09/09/2014 - Infographics
91% of adults in America have their phone with arm reach 24/7. 30 million people watch television content via smartphone. Read
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Phone facts #3

Posted 03/09/2014 - Infographics
How smart phone users use their phones? 84% surfing the web, 74% emailing, 64% playing games, 92% texting, 59% social networking, 48% listening, 69% downloading apps. Read
phone facts 2 thumb

Phone facts #2

Posted 31/08/2014 - Infographics
98% of all text messages are opened compared to 63% of direct email and only 22% of all email. Read
phone facts 1 thumb2

Phone facts #1

Posted 27/08/2014 - Infographics
45 countries have more mobile subscribers than people. More people worldwide have access to mobile phones than toilets or thoothbrushes. Read

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