Kura is an innovative Maori language app that allows you to compete against friends while battling for language supremacy.

The Kura app was developed by LittleMonkey for Victoria University of Wellington. Kura is a cross-platform language learning game, featuring competitive play and customisable avatars. Kura has been a wonderfully successful app with over 2500 downloads on iTunes and more than 600 on the Play Store within the first month.

This app is a fun and interactive way to learn Te Reo through games. It can be used by all ages, from school children through to adults. It is available to both Apple and Android Smartphones and there is also a PC version designed for use in education centres and schools with computer access.

There are five different games to play in this app:

Puna Kupu – The objective of this game is to increase your vocabulary. You will hear the correct pronunciation and see the names of images used throughout the rest of the games.

E Rua, e Rua – Use your knowledge from the vocabulary practice to correctly match the word to its image or vice versa before the time limit runs out.

Ihumanea – This multi-choice game aims to increase your knowledge by introducing various sentence structures.

Tohu Kupu – Use your knowledge from Ihumanea to correctly translate a phrase from English to Maori.

Kīkiki Pāoro – Answer the NZ general knowledge questions by kicking the rugby ball over the correct goal post.

Other features include:

  • Building your own alter-ego (Toikura) from a range of options
  • A scoreboard that displays the name, alter-ego (Toikura) and school of those who reign supreme
  • Single-player as well as multi-player options so you can test your knowledge against others.

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