Spinning Stars

The Product Owner

Spinning Stars was created when Reece & Christine Lewis found a gap in the café market, with customers phoning Caltex Stokes Valley for their coffee orders.

They wanted people to have an easier way to order coffee, so came up with an app idea that allowed customers to order their hot beverages before leaving home. They also wanted to include a loyalty card whereby returning customers would be rewarded with free coffee.


Why LittleMonkey?

Spinning Stars wanted to work with a local company and, after doing a search for app developers in Wellington, contacted LittleMonkey. Our prompt reply made us stand out over our competitors and Reece said “that showed me they wanted my business.”

It turned out to be a good fit and Reece enjoyed the way LittleMonkey worked collaboratively. He found we are always willing to help.


Collaborating and Communicating

While working with LittleMonkey, Reece noticed how we will go out of our way to help solve problems. “With a project that is as big as ours, the processes have been working awesome. LittleMonkey have a great open communication. We have been kept up to date with all aspects of our app build.”

The app was complex, and a few problems arose during development. However, "LittleMonkey worked with us to solve them in an awesome time frame. We both worked together in getting them fixed ASAP”


The Finished Project

Coffee sales increased as soon as the app went live.  Spinning Stars then had an idea that other Service Stations and café owners may also benefit from the app, so two versions were developed. Reece and Christine also thought that business owners may want an easy way for customers to be able to store loyalty cards on their phone so My Loyalty was developed for businesses to be able to run their own loyalty promotions.

With any web or app project, changes and maintenance are a crucial aspect. Reece says that LittleMonkey were always helpful, even with the small changes. “We hold the upmost respect and confidence in LittleMonkey." As their company didn’t have the skills or knowledge to build the app themselves, they were pleased with LittleMonkey's expertise and ability to create a product that was both functional and user friendly.


Going Forward

Spinning Stars has had ongoing communication with LittleMonkey and say they “would work with LittleMonkey again in a heartbeat, as they are a company that look after their customers.”

LittleMonkey, Wellington, NZ

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