SMS Marketing

Easily communicate the latest information or deals straight to your clients by sending messages directly to their mobile phone.

Ever wanted to better develop the communication between you and your clients and manage your time more effectively? Try SMS marketing by LittleMonkey. 

SMS Marketing is a product packed with simple features that will allow any user to manage and communicate with their customer's visa text reminders with ease. It allows a user to upload or enter their database of customers onto SMS portal, which they can then arrange and categorise using the filter and tag feature. After constructing a text message, a user can then apply the filter/tag that details the particular customers that they want to receive the text.

The filter /tag feature allows for customised texting, making contacting certain groups of people with specific information much more convenient and manageable. You will no longer have to waste time sorting through your data base and individually contacting customers one at a time.  

Communicate smarter and enhance your relationship with your customers using SMS marketing.

Is SMS marketing right for you?

 If you have any business that revolves around a customer basis and requires frequent communication then SMS marketing is right for you. For any business reliant on their customer database they will know the importance of managing and communicating effectively and regularly, however, this can be particularly difficult for those with a wide range of customers interested or involved in different aspects of your product/services. This was the dilemma that inspired LittleMonkey to create a product that allowed users to communicate faster, more consistently and stay on top of manging their customer relationships.

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