Why Games

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... Market your product in a fun, interactive way

... Reach a wider audience

... Games as educational resources

Social Media Games

LittleMonkey has worked on several marketing campaigns and have seen how useful short, fun games can be.

Games and competitions on Facebook can increase your brand awareness and grow your customer database.

Games can go viral and reach a wider audience than traditional online advertising, or tie in with your current advertising campaigns.

Motor Through Mondays

Vogel on a plate

Educational Apps

Games provide a fun and interactive way to learn languages or other skills. LittleMonkey has developed a number of apps to help students learn Te Reo which are enjoyed by thousands of players per day.

Multiplayer features and highscore tables encourage competition and engagement and help make learning fun.




Car Cricket

This game was created to stop the old “are we there yet?” question on road trips with kids. Simply select the colour of the ball that matches the car driving past and try not to get out if you see a red car. The person with the most ‘runs’ wins.