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There are many ways you can use smartphone apps to steamline your business processes and save time & money. Apps are also a great way to communicate with your customers and develop brand recognition.

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With numerous apps available, many people can become confused or overwhelmed by the options available to them.  This is where LittleMonkey can help.  We can work with you to assess what you need and what type of app can help you engage with your customers, streamline your processes, or help address whatever else your business needs.

An app can be designed so that once it is downloaded onto a smartphone it does not need an internet connection to run or, if required to stay connected to the web, an app can be designed to minimise data usage.  An app may also be as simple as providing a direct link to a mobile friendly version of your website. 

LittleMonkey works with the range of mobile technologies, including Apple, Android, Windows and desktop technology. This means that no matter what device your target audience uses the most, LittleMonkey can create an app for you.

Smartphone applications are the latest, truly effective marketing strategy. If our portfolio inspires you, or you have a great new idea of your own, then contact us to discuss your ideas further.

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LittleMonkey uses Flutter as the programming platform to develop native apps for both Android and Apple platforms.  By using Flutter to develop apps, LittleMonkey can easily create cross-platform apps, meaning you save on development time and therefore the cost is less than most other app developers.

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Did you know that Android and Apple app usage is fairly evenly spread? This means that any app developed should be available for at least these two platforms to maximise your app potential.

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LittleMonkey is an IT development and design company, based in Wellington, New Zealand. We work with a range of clients throughout New Zealand and the world.

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