About our logo

We often get asked about why we are called LittleMonkey. While I'm still working on the perfect answer to that - nearly 13 years later! - there is a story behind our logo.


Chuen Our logo is based on an ancient Mayan glyph called Chuen. Similar to the Chinese Zodiac, the Mayans used animal symbols to represent calendar dates, fortune and luck and character attributes. Chuen has a range of meanings that we hope to be associated with - some more than others.

master artisan, master craftsman, imaginative, mischievous, gaining wisdom through curiosity

Chuen also means monkey and represents the monkey as knowledgeable, creative and a master craftsman. Chuen is also considered to be one of the most fortunate and lucky days. Apparently some people can see a monkey in our logo, but I'm not one of them.


ChuenIn software development we are combining creative and technical work in order to produce completely new products for our customers. While the name LittleMonkey came before the logo, we found a perfect match between the monkey we already had connected with the company and list of attributes that we can embrace and take inspiration - and humour - in.

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