Gamify your workspace

The majority of studies have shown the positive effects of Gamification. This includes increasing engagement, productivity, and learning.

Gamification in the workplace can be used to improve your business processes. Though how this can apply will vary between workplaces I'll attempt to frame the applications in a useful way.

Some examples of application

Gamification generally assigns an added value to completing tasks or other actions. For example you could have a high-score table in your workplace and have it so completing a TODO task gives the person one hundred points. Then at the end of each week give the person at the top of the high-score table a reward. Gamification has also been shown to significantly improve training efficiency. This can be done by making mini-games which introduce and reinforce the concepts of the required training. This could be something as simple as a series of quizzes. This type of interaction makes it more present and memorable for the learner. Though the overhead of setting up and sourcing these types of games needs to be considered, the payoff can usually be seen immediately.

Key features of Gamification

Gamification revolves around using the concepts of games to improve interactions in non-game fields. It usually involves some kind of intangible measurement such as points or achievements. These measurements are tracked over time so improvement can be measured and rewarded. This could be displayed as a progress bar, badges, or a leader board.

How to apply Gamification to your workspace

The first step is to have a process in place you want to encourage. This is depandant on the work and workspace. It may be as simple as keeping on task without inturruptions for a given time, or something like number of sales in a given month. The best way for gamification to work is have a clearly defined, and documented, process.

For your own work proccess you will have to answer the following

  • What process do you want to improve?
  • Is this proccess clearly defined?
  • How can you measure the progress of this process?
  • What are the goals of the process?
  • What rewards can you offer which will encouage your staff?

Once you have answers to this you will be most of the way to implemenitng gamification

Gamification tools

So what tools can you use in your workplace to implement a gamified proccess? There are a number of tools available that you can use for this.

OrgLynx is a gamification platform aimed at business. Price on request

LevelEleven is a gamification plaform geared at sales.  Price on request

Plecto is a visualization and data management tool wich includes a gamification module $17 usd per employee per month

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