What the future holds for Virtual Reality

There have been huge leaps in Virtual Reality in recent years. This article from 2017 outlines the potential of VR applications in gaming, business and beyond..

Future Growth

Virtual reality has been the future of gaming and other entertainment for sometime now, however has not satisfied the huge hype and expectations of fans to this point in time. The huge appeal of Virtual and other augmented realties has investors substantially interested. In fact the market is predicted to grow from just over $9 billion in 2017 to whooping $215 billion by 2021. If this foresight is correct, the VR market will be the fastest growing market on the planet.

The market for VR technology isn't just restricted to the gaming community.

Current and future advances in VR gaming will provide an even more immersive and intense experience, elevating the potential of gaming for ever.

Despite the lack of enthusiasm from other non gaming related communities, VR has a place in many lifestyles and industries. One of the biggest markets VR will influence in the near future is the movie industry. 3D films have been around now for some time, some producers do it well and others are dramatically underwhelming. However, imagine being able to view the action from different angles, explore each scene at your own pace, experiencing everything on a new level.

Another likely to be highly popular use of VR technology is travel. Everyone desires to travel in their lifetime, but obstacles such as time and money create restrictions for most. Imagine being able to not spend a fraction of the cost and still travel to those destinations from the comfort of your living room. Well with the correct development this is highly possible. We have all used Google Maps street view to get just slightly closer look at a location or to travel back to your old home, town or even your current home. Invision being able to remove the restrictions of the camera tool and immerse yourself into those curious destinations through your own eyes. The application of this idea doesn't stop at travel but can be implemented into other business. Real estate agents could show clients homes if travelling to the location is to far. Be in a board room in another nation or even virtually preview a product online before purchasing it.

Other interesting markets VR could positively improve involve medical and space science through training simulators and exploration. Medical training is a constantly involving process always working towards safer and more realistic simulators. However, VR simulation could be the next big thing within this industry allowing practicing medical staff and students to carry out complicated surgeries on other specimens besides plastic models and donated medical science subjects. This would widen the availability of training opportunities for medical staff around the world. Better trained medical staff is beneficial for all of us.

More than just a visual experience?

While VR has certainly advanced in terms of providing a more realistic and immersive visual reality as well as placing a stronger focus towards motion in recent years, there is still huge potential for VR's capabilities.

Sensory emergence is the next stage in the advancement of virtual reality. This revolves around the manipulation of smell, touch and taste. Paired with other VR endeavours, for example travel, a user could feel aspects such as a change in the temperature in a different countries climate. Imagine sitting in your house and instantaneous traveling to a beach in Greece, being able to feel the adjustment in temperature, the smell of the sea and the feeling of sand on your feet as you listen to the crashing of waves. All of this Is made possible through the infinite potential of VR.

Only time will tell what VR can do for society.

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