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Puna is the follow-up game to Kura, and was developed to help people learn Maori words.
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No-Surcharge App
Are you tired of paying the extra 15% or 20% for your coffee, sandwich or steak on a public holiday? Then look no further, this app provides a list of...
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Conscious Consumers App
As well as creating the website for Conscious Consumers, LittleMonkey made the accompanying apps for use on iPhones, iPads and Android devices.
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Kura App
The Kura app was developed by LittleMonkey for Victoria University of Wellington. Kura is a cross-platform language learning game, featuring competitive play and customisable avatars.
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Defence Force Conference App
LittleMonkey worked with the New Zealand Defence Force and created this Conference App. The Defence Force hosted delegates from across the globe in New Zealand for the annual PACCPAMS conference.
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Eat Well Global Apps
LittleMonkey helped to create a series of apps designed to help travelers eat safely and healthily as they travel across the globe.
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3-2-1 Speak
3-2-1 Speak is a highly interactive app that encourages users to develop their basic skills in a variety of languages.
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Shrinky iPhone App
LittleMonkey worked with psychologist Glenn Berger to create an iPhone application designed to help combat and decrease users' anxiety.
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YourOpinion App
YourOpinion is an iOS, Windows, Blackberry and Android app that is used to interact with people and encourage them to take short surveys, polls and join discussion forums to primarily...
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Road Trip Cricket
Road trip Cricket - the best new game on the market for your next road trip (short or long!). Play by yourself, with friends, or with family.
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