Aurecon AS4343 HazzAPP

HazAPP give users access to Aurecon's Hazard Assessment of Pressure Equipment calculator and guidance for Australian and New Zealand Health and Safety Regulations.

The app was born out of Aurecon’s desire to avoid catastrophic and preventable failures, injuries or even deaths caused by hazardous pressure equipment. HazAPP’s simple interface steps the user through the hazard assessment calculation and provides guidance on how to comply with local legal requirements to ensure that the equipment has been correctly designed, fabricated, installed and tested.

HazAPP users can calculate pressure equipment’s hazard level and help ensure that their workplace, plant modification or new installation is meeting industry health and safety requirements in accordance with AS 4343 hazard rating standard under Australian and New Zealand Law. Using HazAPP regularly to confirm risk related requirements of pressure systems can minimise the chance of a disastrous accident.

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