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Are you tired of paying the extra 15% or 20% for your coffee, sandwich or steak on a public holiday? Then look no further, this directory provides a list of places to eat or drink that do not implement a surcharge on a public holiday.

This website was designed and created by LittleMonkey Ltd. Being based in Wellington, we love to visit cafes all around the city and we also love a good deal! Over the recent spate of public holidays, we were thinking ‘is there a directory of cafes or restaurants that don’t charge a surcharge?’ We couldn’t find one… so we decided to set up our own!

We want to make sure that New Zealanders know they have a choice when it comes to paying more on a public holiday for their favourite food or beverage, so help us spread the word. As well as the website, LittleMonkey also developed a No-Surcharge app, so you can search for cafes and restaurants that won't charge you extra while you are on the go.

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Visit the website: no-surcharge.co.nz

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